Mixing up the Skincare for Spring

Spring has finally sprung~! I was beginning to think we were going to be trapped in an endless winter. Not that I would have minded, but I know others were getting quite sick of the snow. Can’t blame them, the nicer weather sure is a relief from the bitter cold. And with the warmer weather comes the need to switch up the old skincare routines. New season, new skin problems. The wonders of nature, right? So in the spirit of all this change, I decided to share with you my new spring skincare routine to prepare for these warm sunny days.

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Winter Skincare Routine

We’re in the peak of winter, and while the cold never bothered me anyway (I’ll see myself out now) it definitely bothers my skin. Having sensitive skin in cold weather can lead to painful chapping, dry patches, and misery all around. Certainly doesn’t help when I get breakouts and makeup will not lay right to cover them. However, I think after a few years of being into this skincare thing and some trial an error I’ve found a routine to beat those dry-skin-scalies.

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