Writing Anxiety (And How to Address It)

Being a writer is hard. Anyone who says otherwise obviously has been living under a rock. There is so much that goes into developing the craft: writing, proof-reading, editing, more editing. And that’s just for basic papers. Books and articles take a lot more to finalize. It can all seem daunting, especially to young readers who want to tell their own stories, express their own voices through some sort of medium. We’re very lucky in this day and age to have the networking abilities we have, to be able to share thoughts and voices with a few keystrokes. The online world has opened more doors for writers than ever before, but the very thought can cause a lot of anxiety. There are so many people with the dream to write, so many different avenues that can be walked, so many different perspectives. Coming up with unique, compelling stories can seem terrifying, share those stories can be even more so.

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Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Youth?

The other day I was watching the news and a story came across questioning the effects social media is having on today’s youth. The report talked about these online interaction damaging social skills within teens. It’s making them struggle in face-to-face communication and they aren’t able to articulate themselves as well as they were once able. It also mentioned how these interactions have perpetuated a sense of depression and loneliness within the youth; where they’ve isolated themselves from the real world and are merely living through the images and communication they receive through social media.

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