(Art by my dear friend Frankiiro. Please, check out her work. 🙂 )

Hey, I’m Scarlet and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

After spending years reading and enjoying blogs, I decided to give it a go myself. Here you’ll find a bit of everything from beauty to books to writing advice and some lifestyle goodies thrown in here and there. 

I’m also an author-in-progress specializing in YA and NA Fantasy. I have loved writing my entire life, and telling stories is my greatest passion, so becoming an author just seemed to be the perfect fit for me. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their days dreaming up daring sword fights, magic spells, and princes in disguise?

As a reviewer, I strive to give my complete, honest opinion on products or books featured; therefore, my readers can feel confident with the knowledge taken away from each post. As far as book reviews, I am an avid reader of Fantasy as it is my specialty, but I am willing to dabble in the rare Contemporary or Sci-Fi novel should the concepts catch my fancy. 

I hope my posts inspire you to keep working towards your dreams, and they offer an escape from the craziness of our world. Reading has always been a safe place for me − something steady to rely on in the most troubling of times as stories shine a light on the problems we’re struggling to overcome. I aim to be that steady safe place for my readers. 

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